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Business Growth Mentoring

Business Growth Mentoring - What we Cover.


Our specialism is helping small – to medium-sized business owners substantially grow their sales and profits without them having to spend a penny more on their marketing.Unlike some coaches and consultants, we don’t waste the business owner’s time and money by asking them a list of questions to then simply tell them what they already know! 

Instead, we provide an industry-leading system designed specifically to transform small- and medium-sized businesses.

Let me briefly share the highlights with you:
• I provide dozens of impactful strategies and tactics for business growth
• IMPORTANTLY, these gems cost zero or very little to implement

• Designed for the SME owner they are factual and results-oriented – they are
not full of jargon.
• The key is our strategies are easy for you to implement… with videos, webinars, ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ templates, and so on.
• How To Identify The Best Target Market
• Differentiating In A Crowded Market
• Generating More Leads & Converting A Higher Percentage
• Guarantees That Generate More Business
• Maximizing Your Social Proof To Win More Sales
• …and much more
We combine ALL of these to create a step-by-step business growth SYSTEM… which is then AUTOMATED for your business to grow 24/7.
Now, many of you won’t be surprised to hear that, in isolation,  each of these can be transformational.
But, and here’s the big thing, when you combine ALL of these together, the results are EXPONENTIAL.!
Making The Challenge:
The majority of small- and medium-sized business owners are experts at what they do, but very few are experienced in how to grow a business dramatically, and many are uneasy about the ‘black art’ of sales and marketing.
My mentoring clients don’t need any prior sales or marketing expertise since all the materials, tools, etc, are provided along with world-class training and my support.
So, to wrap up, let me say that in my experience many ‘business coaches’ introduce themselves and ask to meet you based on unsubstantiated promises. we don’t do that.

Let me prove the value in what we offer…
In fact, for a little fun, let me offer to demonstrate my expertise for FREE for you.
Fill out the form below and I will contact you to show you a demonstration of how our Expert Lead Generation/Retention System Works. Once you know how it works, you will see how we can get one or more of your marketing or advertising pieces ‘tuned up’ so it generates far more results than it currently does…

We produce a monthly Newsletter for all our clients. It’s full of helpful tips and examples of how an SME business owner can improve their results. 

Please leave me your details below if you would like to receive our Monthly Newsletter and we will send you one every month for free!

Through specializing in this sector I am completely familiar with the dynamics of micro-, small- and medium-sized 
businesses which often result in poor prioritization.

For many business owners, always ‘fire-fighting’,  the final key to success is to encourage,
motivate and guide them… and that is exactly what I do……I MENTOR you
through the process – keeping you motivated and keep you on track. And I become your “experienced someone” to talk to, 

to ‘soundboard’ new ideas and discuss alternatives. 

Please Click this link to request a Free initial Consultation and we will chat soon!

Thank you!

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