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Relationship advice for men

Relationship Issues – eBook

Relationship Issues – How to Find & Sustain a Great Relationship. Have you been searching for a good guide on how to find real love online?  And also wondering whether online dating is actually safe? What about all those stories you have heard about scammers? How can you be safe online, find real love and not be scammed by those wicked people? This eBook has most of the answers you… Read More »Relationship Issues – eBook

How to Mend and Rekindle Your Love Relationship.

Relationships can sometimes be tough..even with all your best intentions. Every relationship has difficult times. How you manage yours is what will make your relationship a success or a failure.  What are the usual issues? ==>> Work can get in the way and then, there is the constant complaint from you or your partner:  “I’m so stressed out”. ==>>”There’s too much to do at work”. And the two of you are at… Read More »How to Mend and Rekindle Your Love Relationship.

Make the Best Use of this Time.

MAKE THE BEST USE OF THIS TIME… In these days of COVID-19, life has taken on a new meaning. You and your loved ones are doing your best to keep safe, washing your hands regularly, keep your two meters  distancing from other people even when you go shopping, but mostly, staying at home! These are strange days …very strange days. People are dying all over the world in hundreds and thousands every… Read More »Make the Best Use of this Time.