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Coaching Singles-Dating Guide

Are you single and looking to find love?

Finding your true love is not always easy. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may just find that your true love lives

close by, or attended the same school with you, or happens to sit close to you on the train one day, or a friend of a friend  etc.

But what if your true love is not that close by? Where can you look for him or her? 

Online Dating.

These days, most people turn to online dating. And in this day of technological explosion, you can now find love 

on Online Dating Sites, Dating Apps, Meet-Ups, etc.

Maybe, you have tried and have only landed the troublesome dates .. people who are only looking for sex and

 that is all, or those who are out there trying out every one they can easily persuade to do stupid things with them!

There is also the danger that can arise if one is not careful – you could meet a serial killer

 online if you don’t take the necessary precautions..

So, if you are seriously looking to settle down, what should you be doing?

My Coaching will help you in the following ways:

– Guide you on where and how to find serious-minded dates

– How to write your Profile so you appear genuine and serious

-The sort of  Profile Photos that show your personality

– Where to go for the first date

– How to make sure you are safe

– What information you must not give out on your first few dates etc.

– And so much more.

If you are seriously looking to find a good man or woman out there, so you 

can begin to plan towards settling down, then click the button below to schedule 

your first session with me on Skype or on the Phone. Your first session is Free!