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Group Coaching

Group Coaching.

Group Coaching can be very effective for the following people:

Businesses that offer similar services 

– Accountants

– Plumbers

– Electricians

– Dentists, etc.

The Coaching will be tailored to your specific needs and you will also have the opportunity of learning useful strategies from group members during your round-table sessions.


Team members in the same establishment. The coaching will address specific issues that the teams would like to address:

For example, how to increase sales, how to improve individual performance, etc.

 Social Groups with Similar Issues, 

–  Women Businesses,

–  Business Networks

– Religious Groups, 

– Schools, etc.

We will tailor our Coaching specifically to your needs. 
Please note, all Group Coaching will be online until the Coronavirus Pandemic is over.
To speck with Dr Anderson about Booking a Group Session, please click the button below, 

or call: +447931313631.