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Personal Development Coaching

Our Coaching Style: Solution-Focused.

Our Solution-focused coaching is concerned with what you, as a client, want to achieve in the end. 
Personal Development Coaching Covers the following and more:
– Goal-setting
– Relationship issues
– Career Development
– Stress Management
– Overcoming Limiting /Negative beliefs 
– Anger Management
and anything else that the Client wants us to help with.
Our Style
The coach will question you about your goal, in order to clarify your vision. 
What is it YOU REALLY WANT? 
How are you going to get there? 

What happens once You do get there? 
Our Solution-Focused Coaching Style encourages:
==>> Introspection – You get a chance to reflect deeply on what you really want
==>> Self-evaluation – You get the chance to evaluate your own objectives
==>> Clear goal setting -You are then guided on how to set Specific Goals
==>> Accountability – Your Coach will hold you accountable to perform
 all agreed actions so as to accelerate your progress.
==>> Celebration and Positive Reinforcement – Your Coach will encourage you to
 celebrate every success along the way, however small.
==>> Life Purpose – A richer understanding of one’s own unique path in life – You gain a much clearer and richer understanding of your own Life Purpose.
Setting Clear Goals and focusing on solutions is always very useful.

 It also works particularly well for clients trying to develop themselves personally as it encourages self-evaluation. 

Fill out the Form to request more information on how we work. You will get the chance to pick up your Free Report as well and tell us more about your reasons for wanting our coaching sessions.