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Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking - Relationship Coaching For Groups.

Six Main Reasons Why I Can provide Real Value To Your Group.

1. I am a very experienced public speaker. I have been speaking publicly since 1980, when I first became 

a Head Teacher in of a Girls’ Secondary School in Nigeria – with 110 teachers and 1600 pupils. 
I was proclaimed an Outstanding Head teacher by our Government when my School was awarded a Model School Status in 1985.

2. I have headed several Departments here in the UK and have led my Teams to success on each occasion.

I have conducted public meetings with Parents/Teachers’ Associations and spoken to large conferences as a Chief Editor of a Teachers’ Association.

3. Recently, here in the UK, I was a Priest in London, where I conducted worship services many times. 

4. I have given talks on Religious issues to audiences of over 1000 people here in the UK and also in Nigeria.

5. I am passionate about sharing all I know about how to succeed in relationships after failing a few times myself! 

I have learnt many success strategies that I am happy to share with your members.

6. I have been married, divorced and remarried. I have my own personal experiences of what makes a relationship a good one and what causes problems in a relationship.

I now also have a vast knowledge of Relationships issues and how to be successful. This is because I have studied under Master Coaches and qualified as a Master Transformation / Relationship Coach.

I have also written several Courses on How to be successful in relationships. 

So, I have a lot of success strategies to share.

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